1. Is this a weight loss pill? Or does it contain any weight loss drugs?  

NatureGift products are free from weight loss drugs and have no side effects such as yoyo effects. NatureGift Coffee Plus and NatureGift XeroCal capsule helps you to lose weight safely as well as provides health benefits

2. Is it difficult to eat?  

Our products are easy to eat. NatureGift Diet Coffee tastes great with good aroma, just like your premium cup of coffee. XeroCal capsule is easy to take anywhere. It’s simply with no lifestyle change.

3. How should I take the product? How can I see the result effectively?  

Normally, as years pass by, more body fat is stored in our body. Imagine that we have stored the fat for many years! To remove the fat from the body also takes time. NatureGift products will help you to lose weight gradually without side effects on your health. You will be required to take our product either our Diet Coffee or Xerocal capsule after each meal for at least 3 months to see the effective results. To see the greater result, you may take one more XeroCal capsule before going to bed.

4. If I don’t have breakfast, Can I take NatureGift Products?  

It is recommended that you take breakfast to provide you the initial energy for the day. Whole wheat bread, cereals, low fat milk or fruits are good for your breakfast. You may take NatureGift Coffee or XeroCal capsule after breakfast.

5. Are NatureGift Products really effective?  

80-90% of our customers are satisfied with the products.

6. Why do some people don’t have effective results?  

Our products are not drugs, therefore it takes time. Some people only take the products for a few weeks and do not see the effects, so they stop taking the products. Our Products require consistent consumption for at least 3 months. However, there are other factors which may affect the effectiveness of our products for example, if you take laxative, antibiotic, alcohol, hormones or if you have some personal disease such as thyroid disease. Specially, for those who have previously taken a weight loss drug, it will take a longer period to see an effective result. Although, it might take longer for you to lose weight, but your health will definitely be improved.

7. Are there any side effects? If I discontinue, will there be the yoyo effect?  

Certainly, there won’t be any side effects because our products are not drugs. They are vitamins and minerals that will help improve the metabolism of carbohydrate, sugar and fat that you have eaten. If the foods you have been eaten are metabolized, then you will not get fatter, you will be slimmer and firmer. You will also feel more active and energetic!

After you get slimmer and you wish to discontinue using products, it is possible to maintain in good shape but only if you can control your food intake and eat varieties of good foods that contain enough vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, foods that we eat generally contain minimal amount of vitamins and minerals that are sufficient for the metabolism process in your body. Therefore, to maintain good health and good shape, we still recommend you to take either NatureGift Diet Coffee or XeroCal capsule once daily.

8. Why do I gain weight after taking this product?  

There are several reasons why this happens, for example you have taken weight loss pills prior to taking NatureGift products and there may be some yoyo effect that remain from the drugs.

There are frequent cases of gaining some weights after taking our products. However, you will obviously feel that your body is much firmer. You may be curious, why your body is firmer although you have gained weight? The reason to this is because the body fat has been converted to muscle mass. The muscle mass is about twice as heavy as body fat,. It is therefore, possible that you will see weight gain, but after continuous consumption, you will be in better health and better shape.

9. Can patients with the diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and stress take NatureGift products?  

NatureGift product comprises of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the patient with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and stress.

10. Who is restricted to taking NatureGift products?  
Patients with kidney failure or subjected to thyroid-related diseases can take our products, but should be cautious. If there are any unexpected symptoms, please stop consumption and consult your doctor.  
11. Is this product suitable for pregnant or breast-feeding women?  
NatureGift Diet Coffee is not suitable for pregnant or breast-feeding woman. However, they may take XeroCal Capsule instead.  
12. If I take NatureGift products, Can I restrict my meal?  
No, it is recommended that you eat regular meals, but control the intake of high-fat and high sugar food.  
13. Other than taking NatureGift Products, should I take any other dietary supplements?  
NatureGift products contain sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. It is not necessary to take extra supplements. However, it is optionally recommended that you take 1,000 mg of Vitamin C to maintaining good immunity.  
14. Where can I buy the products?  
To buy the product, please purchase online at www.naturegiftusa.com

or e-mail us at : contactus@naturegiftusa.com